My Studio

Always following the higher standards, my studio offers the most recent and advanced technology to assure a final product with the warmth, consistency and sonic transparency that only a true professional facility can deliver.

I offer you a complete suite with Pro Tools 10 with a lot of nice plugins, an Avalon VT-737 Class A Premp, FX libraries and more.

All the microphones are Neuman one of the most awarded and high end brands in the recording industry,

Yamaha Digital Consoles ( 01V 96 and 02R 96 ) for clear takes and the purest sound.

Yamaha Monitors (Near Field) and Genelec (Far Field).

In order to cut cost in expensive
ISDN connections and with the wide use of the internet my Studio is fully Source Connect compliant and ready to work with bidirectional communication at a very low latency time less than 1,5 sec. to make your recording session with ease and of course with any studio in the world that also have SC.

In case you need to make a session with ISDN technology I have a bridge service available.

If you don’t have access to any of this technologies don’t panic, I can do your session via digital phone patch or skype where you can be able to hear and direct your work.

Your material will be deliver through my private server in the format and sample rate you desire, compressed or uncompressed.

And the Studio hourly rate is very attractive and competitive.

Let’s work together…


If you want to have a look of my Studio clic here.